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Communications and Correspondence 

Governor Mike BeebeThe Governor’s Communications Department prepares all public statements from the Governor's Office, including news releases and interviews.  The Department creates and disseminates appropriate talking points to the Governor's staff and state agency personnel as appropriate.

The Governor’s Correspondence Department prepares and produces all correspondence critical to the function of state government, including proclamations prepared in cooperation with the office of the Chief Legal Counsel.

Please click here to view the Proclamations Request Guidelines.

Flag Alert Notifications are displayed prominently on the new Web site.  There, you can find the status of both the Arkansas flag and the United States flag and whether or not it/they should be flown at half- or full-staff on any given day. You may sign up to receive notifications from the Governor’s Office when a solider has been killed in action or for other situations that would warrant either flag, or both flags, to be flown at half-staff. A new page will be accessible when half-staff notification e-mails are sent, and the words "half-staff" will be clickable to display the contents of the notification.

Communications Staff
Director of Communications and Spokesman 501-683-6414
Proclamations 501-682-3613
Staff Photographer 501-683-6415