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Governor Mike BeebeThe Governor’s Policy Office is comprised of four staff members whose primary job is to develop and encourage implementation of the Governor’s ideas on a variety of subjects, including the state’s budget, health care, economic development, and education.  The Policy Office is in charge of the Governor’s legislative package during legislative sessions, and reviews and advises the Governor on all bills filed during each session.

Policy Directives

Unlike executive orders, which survive the administration of a given governor until they are repealed or superceded, policy directives are only for the administration of the issuing governor. They are provisions strictly for the executive branch (as opposed to executive orders, which are like legislation) in conducting the business of the State. 

Executive Orders

"An executive order is issued for the purpose of interpreting, implementing, or giving administrative effect to a provision . . . of some law." Black's Law Dictionary.

The governor's power to do this is derived from the Arkansas Constitution, particularly Art. 6, Sec. 2, which vests in the holder of this office the "supreme executive power" of the State--as well as statutory and case law. With this tool, he can fulfill his duty of ensuring that the laws are faithfully executed. Executive Orders are available on the site to view.

Policy Staff
Director of Policy 501-683-6412