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For Immediate Release 09.15.2022

Governor Hutchinson Announces Opposition To Proposed Rules Undermining Women’s SportsĀ 

LITTLE ROCK – Governor Asa Hutchinson announced his opposition to proposed amendments to the regulations on implementing Title IX in a news conference Thursday afternoon.

"The proposed rules would make it clear that sexual orientation and gender identity are both covered under the non-discrimination laws for our schools," Governor Hutchinson said. "This would interfere with Arkansas law, it would interfere with common sense, and it would interfere with local control."

Governor Hutchinson said the proposed changes would violate Arkansas law that prohibits biological males from competing in women's sports. He announced Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has filed a response with other Attorneys General opposing the new rules.

Secretary Johnny Key and the Department of Education have also joined other states in presenting comments opposing these proposed rules.

"These proposed amendments of the Biden administration not only fly in the face of well-established law but in the face of reason and the intent of Congress," Governor Hutchinson said. "The state of Arkansas will not stand by idly while the federal government seeks to redefine the law to the detriment of women's sports and local decision making."

You can watch the full news conference HERE.

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