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For Immediate Release 11.04.2021

Governor Hutchinson Holds News Conference to Discuss New OSHA/CMS Rules

LITTLE ROCK – Governor Hutchinson held a press conference Thursday after new rules came down from the federal level of government that aim to implement vaccine mandates on employers.

"The Biden administration followed through with its promise to impose federal vaccine mandates on businesses, hospitals, and nursing homes,” Governor Hutchinson said, “I oppose these mandates on the freedom that businesses should have to run their workplace.”

Governor Hutchinson announced that he intends to fight the federal mandate that is being issued. He said that Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge will be moving forward with litigation efforts to challenge the OSHA rules that were handed down. He said that he will be providing support on those efforts as they pursue legal measures.

The Governor read some of the OSHA and CMS rules that were issued and noted that the OSHA rules issued Thursday morning total 490 pages. He mentioned that state, local, and public school district employees are exempt from these rules, as they only apply to the private sector businesses with 100 or more employees.

“The result of these mandates will create hardships on people, businesses, and our efforts to get people back to work,” Governor Hutchinson said, ”There is an extraordinary worker shortage right now, and this is going to make the shortage more difficult.”

To read the OSHA rules and other relevant information click HERE.

To read the CMS rules and other relevant information click HERE.

You can watch the full briefing HERE.

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