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Wednesday was our 100th day in office and, by happy coincidence, it was the day we rolled out our new website. If you haven’t visited it, please do. You’re going to like it.

You should — because you helped to create it. Just by being in Arkansas, you’ve made our new website distinctive. When you visit our new site and allow for geo-locating, the images on the home page will represent your city, your county, your special corner of Arkansas. If you want to visit another part of the state, simply type in the name of that city or town and see what pops up. Whatever does, you can be assured it’ll be uniquely Arkansas.

You also helped to create our website by sending in hundreds of photographs from all across the state. We asked for your help in providing images of places in Arkansas that say Arkansas. You really came through — from photos of the Cotter Bridge to historic Springdale High School to the Collins Theatre in Paragould and the Barton Library in El Dorado.

I was especially pleased with this response from a Carlisle native who checked out our new site: “I like it. It allows everyone to be connected to the Governor.” And I like it because it’s another way for the Governor to be connected to the people of Arkansas.

I love living in Little Rock and working at the state Capitol, but it’s sometimes easy to get trapped in the “Capitol bubble” in central Arkansas. We designed our website so that it would reflect all of Arkansas.

We also designed it so that you could have a little fun. Click on the Computer Science “tile” and you’ll see what I mean.

Or click on “press shop” to find news releases, transcripts, columns, and radio addresses. It’s a one-stop media shop.

We’ll do our best to keep you up to date on ongoing issues, too — such as Medicaid reform, public safety and Common Core review.

You can also meet us on the road. The geo-locator map will tell you where I’ve been and where I’ll be going in your part of the state. We’d love to see you.

There’s lots more. But don’t take my word for it. Visit for yourself at Let us know what you think. And stay in touch through your Arkansas governor’s website.

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