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Governor Asa Hutchinson Announces Plan to Reduce Developmentally Disabled Waitlist

LITTLE ROCK – Today, Governor Asa Hutchinson announced his plan to reduce the waitlist for the Alternative Community Services waiver (also known as the Developmentally Disabled waitlist) by half over the next three years during his address to the Medicaid Advisory Council ahead of the April 6th special session.

Under the Medicaid Reform Act – the Governor’s proposed cost savings bill – at least half of the insurance premium tax collected on Medicaid managed care plans would be directed to the Community Living and Employment Supports Trust Fund. Those funds would be used to help the developmentally disabled populations of Medicaid by reducing the number of individuals on the waitlist.

Governor Hutchinson issued the following statement:

“We have an opportunity to address the needs of nearly 3,000 developmentally disabled Arkansans, many of whom have been on this wait list for nearly a decade. As governor, I am committed to reducing this wait list by at least half over the next three years.

“This plan is the most realistic plan that meets the challenge of reducing the developmentally disabled waitlist, and legislators will have the first opportunity to act on it next week.”

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