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Asa Arkansas's Governor


Governor Asa Hutchinson Makes Official Call for Special Legislative Session

Agenda Items Focus on Economic Development and Government Efficiencies

LITTLE ROCK – Governor Asa Hutchinson has made the official call to legislators for a special session of the 90th General Assembly that will convene Tuesday, May 26, 2015. Along with the official call, the Governor has announced all items on the special session agenda below.

Governor Hutchinson issued the following statement:

“This limited agenda focuses on job creation and economic development, while highlighting government efficiencies that will ultimately result in savings to all Arkansas taxpayers.” 

Agenda items are as follows:

  • To consider an Amendment 82 “super project” at Highland Industrial Park in Calhoun County.
  • To consider reorganization of state agencies to provide efficiencies, better services and savings:

           »  Merging the Arkansas Department of Rural Services (ADRS) with the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC)

           »  Merging the Arkansas Science & Technology Authority (ASTA) with the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC)

           »  Merging the Arkansas Building Authority (ABA) with the Department of Finance and Administration (DFA)
           »  Merging the Division of Land Survey with the Arkansas Geographic Information Office (AGIO)
  • To make a minor fix to DWI law to assure continuation of federal highway funds.
  • To ensure that state law aligns with potential changes in federal law regarding farm-equipment traffic on a new section of interstate highway.
  • To correct technical errors made to bills when amendments were engrossed.
  • To move the full Arkansas primary elections from May to March.
  • To move the General Assembly’s fiscal session from February to April.
  • To honor Johnson County Deputy Sheriff Sonny Smith.
  • To confirm Gubernatorial appointments.

Governor Hutchinson will sign the official proclamation later today. Once signed, it will be posted on the Governor’s website, here: