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Asa Arkansas's Governor


Governor Asa Hutchinson on Pres. Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” Rule

LITTLE ROCK – Governor Asa Hutchinson released the following statement in response to President Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” rule, which would work to reduce carbon emissions at all power plants across the country by 2030.

Governor Hutchinson issued the following statement: 

"While I was pleased that the final rule extended the deadline and provided some relief, it is clear that the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan could still result in significant electric rate increases for middle-class ratepayers while having a minimal impact on global temperatures. My administration will do everything it can to protect ratepayers. This includes continuing to work with the Attorney General and urging Congress to act to protect ratepayers and to continue to pursue litigation in opposition to the burdensome regulation. While we will continue to fight the final rule, we will also work with our industries and consumers to determine a lowest cost option to compliance.  

"When it comes to Arkansas’s energy policy, we must take a balanced approach in consideration of safety, reliability, cost-effectiveness and environmental impact. This is why I have directed leadership at the Public Service Commission and the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality to fully review this rule and develop the best response for our state.”

Becky Keogh, director of ADEQ, and Ted Thomas, chairman of the PSC, will hold a press conference in two weeks to discuss the details of the rule and the stakeholder process.

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