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Address to the Political Animals Club of Little Rock


It’s exciting to be governor. It’s especially exciting on a day like today. I started the day at Conway High School as part of my computer science tour through the high schools of Arkansas. We’ve already hit six high schools. We’ll be... Read Full Transcript »

Governor Hutchinson speech on healthcare and Medicaid reform in Arkansas


Thank you. Thank you, Dr. Rahn for your introduction and especially for your leadership at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and for this forum and this venue to talk about healthcare and its future in Arkansas. I am delighted that there are a few people interested in this... Read Full Transcript »



Gov. Tucker, Gov. Huckabee, Sen. Pryor, Mr. Chief Justice, distinguished guests, and, most importantly, to my fellow Arkansans, Thank you.  I am humbled by the opportunity and the responsibility that you, the people of Arkansas, have bestowed upon me. Today, I accept that responsibility as the 46th elected Governor... Read Full Transcript »

Inaugural Speech to the Arkansas General Assembly


Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, Distinguished Members of the House and the Senate, our constitutional officers, members of the court, and fellow Arkansans: Thank you. I am glad they didn't recount those votes. It is an honor to stand before you today as the 46th elected governor of Arkansas. I... Read Full Transcript »

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