Bills Signed: HB1014, HB1024, HB1040, HB1123, HB1125, HB1147

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.— On Friday, February 3, 2023, the Governor signed into law:

HB1014, to allow online training for county coroners; to provide for additional training courses for county coroners; and to provide that a person with a felony conviction is not eligible to be a deputy coroner.

HB1024, to amend the law governing the creation of designated entertainment districts.

HB1040, to repeal the Arkansas Legal Insurance Act.

HB1123, to amend laws concerning concealed carry permits; and to authorize an individual who has sought voluntary mental health treatment to obtain a concealed carry permit after a certain time period.

HB1125, to prohibit a registered sex offender from purchasing, owning, possessing, using, or operating an unmanned aircraft for private use.

HB1147, to amend the real estate license law; and to create an exemption for Arkansas licensed residential construction companies.