Bills Signed: SB78, SB198, HB1031, SB65, SB72, SB191, SB192, SB210, HB1308, SB196, SB193, SB247, HB1161, HB1185, SB43

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — On Friday, February 24, 2023, the Governor signed into law: 

SB78, to remove the requirement for member contributions to the Arkansas Judicial Retirement System in the event that a judge or justice has forfeited his or her rights to retirement benefits from the system; and to declare an emergency. 

SB198, to amend the frequency at which each county is required to appraise all real estate at its full fair market value.

HB1031, to amend the Arkansas highway revenue distribution law concerning distributions to county aid funds and municipal aid funds.

SB65, an act for the Arkansas teacher retirement system appropriation for the 2023-2024 fiscal year.

SB72, to amend the law concerning reimbursement of county costs for holding state inmates, probationers, and parolees; and to declare an emergency.

SB191, to amend the method of how board members are selected to the state plant board; and to declare an emergency. 

SB192, to amend the law concerning coverage of biosimilar medical products under step therapy protocols; and to amend exceptions to step therapy protocols.

SB210, to amend the underground storage of gas law to include certain other gases. 

HB1308, to amend the law to provide for changes related to Arkansas Constitution, Amendment 101; and to declare an emergency. 

SB196, to amend the law concerning a vacancy on a county board of election commissioners.

SB193, to amend the Arkansas Occupational Licensing of Uniformed Service Members, Veterans, and Spouses Act of 2021.

SB247, to allow absentee voting for a religious observance; and to amend the law concerning absentee voting. 

HB1161, to create the support for Pregnant and Parenting Students Act. 

HB1185, to amend the law concerning the limitation on school choice transfers under the public-school choice act of 2015

SB43, to add certain restrictions to an adult-oriented performance; and to define an adult-oriented performance.