State Seal Use Form

Applying for Permission To Use The State Seal

Under the Arkansas Constitution, the State Seal is to be kept by the Governor to be used officially by the Governor. A number of Arkansas Code sections authorize the official use of the State Seal by the other Constitutional Officers and the other branches of State Government.

The Governor has the authority to allow an Arkansas resident or State Agency to use the State Seal upon request. The applicant must be specific as to the intended use of the State Seal, and if granted, will only have permission to use the State Seal for the purpose stated in the application.

Moreover, unofficial use of the State Seal by the public must conform to constitutional and statutory requirements. The Office of the Governor may grant or deny an applicant’s request to use the State Seal in order to ensure the Great Seal of the State of Arkansas is used in an appropriate manner, giving the Seal its due reverence.

Generally, the State Seal must not be used in conjunction with for-profit causes, events, products, or purposes. Moreover, the State Seal must not be used in connection with causes, events, products, or purposes conveying hate speech and other disparaging messages. Due to the State Seal’s official use by the State of Arkansas and its elected officials, an applicant’s use of the Seal must conform to standards of common decency and professionalism.

If the State Seal is to be used in a brochure, website, or some form of advertisement, the applicant should be prepared to provide a copy of the aforementioned brochure, screenshots of the website, or a copy of the advertisement without the State Seal being depicted therein. If the State Seal is to be used in conjunction with an event, the applicant should be prepared to provide the date and time of the event as well as a copy of the agenda for the event.

Each application is reviewed on a case by case basis. While the required fields generally constitute a complete application, they are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of requirements. If any further information is needed, the applicant will be contacted by Office staff.

Proper Use Of The State Seal

If the applicant is granted authorization to use the State Seal for the limited purpose the applicant provided in the request, the applicant cannot alter the State Seal in any way. The State Seal cannot be redrawn or otherwise altered, which includes an applicant changing the proportions of the components of the State Seal. Other design elements such as lines, rules or type must not touch or overlap the State Seal in any way.

All parts of the State Seal must be printed solid; the State Seal cannot be screened nor textured. The State Seal can only be depicted in two colors, gold and black. If the State Seal is to be printed in one color, black ink must be used.

Please be advised that improper use of or altering of the State Seal is a Class A misdemeanor pursuant to Arkansas Code Annotated § 5-54-133. In the case the reader has any questions regarding the possible ramifications of improper uses of the State Seal, the reader should contact his or her own attorney for a legal opinion on the matter.

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