Tax Assistance

Please direct all tax-related questions to 501-682-7000 or Questions directed to this phone number and email will be shared with leaders of various tax divisions to ensure a timely and helpful response.  

Duplicate Driver’s License/ID and Vehicle Titles

A replacement/duplicate driver’s license or ID may be obtained at any of DFA’s 134 Revenue Offices across the state.

They may also be ordered online at and mailed at no cost to you.

DFA understands many citizens are in temporary locations due to home damage. For those that need to coordinate a time and location to pick up the license or ID, please call your local Revenue Office.

Find a full list of offices at

Although services may be completed at any Revenue Office across Arkansas, please find an address and contact information below for five areas impacted by the severe weather. These offices are open and fully staffed and continue to provide solutions and support.